Dear Followers,

After near 30 years in the business scene I decided to leave the industry and later also step outside the Matrix (aka System). I experienced the ugly side of big business and finance, this to the point where I had to rebel against what I was seeing.

Being very inquisitive (hence the “Auditor” part of my name) I soon started to question things most take for granted concerning how our (Western) system – which I refer to as the “Matrix”- operates. From personal experiences in the world of big business across multiple industries I know how greed, vested interests and money can twist the truth and act against the interests of the greater public. This to such extents that the health and well being of the common person can be seriously compromised and indeed even be placed in danger.

Over the last years after my “exit” from the Matrix more truely disturbing experiences of just how bought out our system really is have come to light. As an example, I have personally experienced how large tracts of the medical and pharma industries, whose vested interests in big profits weigh above public interests, operate to the true detriment of the common individual, yes to the point of causing mass death.

Frustrated to know things that others don’t, and wanting to inform and help, I decided to start this blog. The information to be developed and published in this blog will be designed to not just inform but also empower. That is to enable others to see the Matrix for what it is, how it functions, and to step outside of it by taking alternative actions and thinking alternatively. In short, piece by piece to become less of a slave to the system.

I wish good reading and a lot of thinking!

Kind regards,

The Matrix Auditor

31 May 2015

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