The Power of Love over 35 Years

May I “abuse ” the theme of my blog for just one post. Today 35 years ago I met my wife, an event that I’ll never forget and will always be to the core grateful for.

With all of the problems of our world, the threats of conflict, terror, crime and wars against humanity and our environment the other day I realised something very special. Nothing, and I mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING the corrupt elements of our species can do has any chance of damaging the beautiful deep love I have for my wife and partner in life. A love that has evolved and grown like a wonderful large tree, one with its earth and cosmos, so strong that it can weather the worst. As it ages it just gets more beautiful and magestic.

I reflect on the privilege I have of this very special gift and all of the incidences in life that led down this path. Incidences that I believe are not of coincidence. In such reflection I fell just love and gratitute. What a perfect state to be in.


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