Is the Elitists goal of 500mio. population real?

I’ve been away reseaching various topics and now with a small pause I’m actually thinking there is a bigger game plan of which we are so ignorant, well most, like 99,9% anyway!

Here is some of what I now know;

  1. our foods are being systematically depleted from natural nutritions and poisoned (GMOs, chemicals added, multi sugars, pestidcides, etc..)
  2. our soils are being depleted
  3. our oceans are also being depleted and polluted, also systematically? At least to 50% I would say
  4. our water supplies are being systematically polluted and plundered
  5. the Western “health” industry is mega wealth driven and has lost but all touch with natural medical approaches. This to the deaths and chronic suffering of millions for big bucks. Indeed this industry feeds off of the ills it creates as well as from the points in this list
  6. I now know that the population is being deprived of crucial elements like Iodine, indeed elements like Bromine found in fire retardants (in likerally almost everything) and pesticides actually inhibit & destroy our iodine levels
  7. the electrosmog war against us grows in strength daily, systematic? Yes.

and the list goes on.

You know, is this all just “the way things turned out” with no real intent, etc?

I doubt it more and more.

Who controls the mega industry behind all of this? Who controls the state, the agencies, education, etc? Who controls the resources? Who controls the media and communications? Elite or globalist interests, that’s who.

Are they so stupid as not to see all of this? They are not linked up, each acts alone and “without plan”?

No. If a nobody like me sees that this all stinks and is just too much to be fate or coincidence, then indeed there is a systematic plan in play.

Are we in the midst of global genocide? That observed seems to scream “Yes”!


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