Antibiotics resistance – last 2 emergancy reserve drugs failing!

I don’t post a lot but every now and then I stumble across issues I need to report!

The other day a small newspaper article crammed into the top left corner back page caught my eye. Germanwatch (a respected environment group) reported that the oversight of what antibiotics and their volumes being fed to livestock was totally lacking. A wopping 80% of livestock are receiving antibiotics. Worse, I read that every 10th treatment involves the use of “reserve antibiotics”. Yep, the last 2 types that are kept as the LAST RESORT for humans if they have multi resistant bacteria.

About a week earlier there was a larger article noting the spread of a type of bacteria with a gene resistant to Colistin, an emergancy reserve antibiotic. The bacteria are spreading and have been found for instance in poultry. The gene mcr-1 can jump between different types of bacteria, also harmless types. The artcle noted the era of a post antibiotics future coming, i.e. humans will be dying from simple infections, etc just like the thousands of years before ca. the 1940’s.

THIS IS VERY SERIOUS! If this continues millions will die world wide!

What to do?

  1. if meats, then buy and eat ONLY true organic meats (you don’t want to be eating trace antibiotics, etc)
  2. always cook well to kill germs
  3. hygiene is vital as resistant bacteria are now spread in the wider communities
  4. learn up on alternative natural bacteria treatments, e.g. colloidal silver. We will be needing alternative help when antibiotics fail big time.

I can’t help but wonder if this is all part of a “larger plan” to depopulate?




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