Electrosmog from sources you wouldn’t guess

Guess what? If you are wearing a quartz watch you are exposing yourself to long term levels of EMFs. Yep, you read right.

During my continuing research into this matter (EMFs) I decided to buy a milliGauss meter. During testing (with some scary results) I decided to try it on my watch. Pulsating 2 to over 5 mG!


The general considered “safe” level is 1mG (Russian standards mention 0,001 mG). Great! So here we have a permanant EMF source direct on the skin and on one of the energy meridians of the body!  After this I did find public information labeling quartz watches as an EMF source.

I now wear a fine mechanical wind up watch and feel great at the same time to be supporting fine hand skills in a small German town were it was made.

Oh, if you use Jawbone or similar devices on your wrists happy EMF glowing!

Another EMF source …. my glasses. Yes! They contain 2 magnets for a sunglasses attachment. They emitt up to 5 mG. I now know that metal frames act like antennes for EMFs. Best to switch to non metallic frames!




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