EMF radiation = class 2A carcinogen!

Over the last weeks I’ve been reviewing EMF (electro magnetic frequencies) risks on we humans.

My basic approach – that EMF’s from today’s world (cell phones, WiFi, etc, etc) CANNOT be good for us as they are 100% not natural – still holds true. I believe that EMF risks could be just as dangerous as crappy GMO foods, etc and are of course super stealthy!

There has been solid scientific work done however that now classes today’s EMFs as class 2A carcinogens. Yep, as evil as Glyphosate pesticide.

Here is a link for just such an example of the science now proving EMF risks:


The industries and their lobbies not only poison us (if you let them) with crappy processed foods, they also are well under way to poison our cells and DNA via EMF radiation.

Can YOU leave that cell phone off? Are you trapped?



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