How we are being duped – False Flag events everywhere!

Over the period of months I’ve been reading a lot about false flag events, e.g. 9/11, Kennedy, etc. It’s a very time consuming topic.

Zen Gardner caught my attention with this excellent video of a presentation by Ole Dammegard (a Swede who has been exposing mega untruthes at his own personal risk for over 30 years). If you take your time to watch this (over a few days as it’s rather long) it is absolutely clear that we ARE being duped. By who? Elitist groups who want global control via more “security measures” restricting our freedoms – basically freaking us into believing & accepting “more control”.

The time watching the video is well spent and indeed compact relative to the topic!

The experience will change your view of what we are being told to believe!

It relates to the false flag (Black Ops) event in Norway – you know, the island shooting event and prior bomb event in Oslo.

2 thoughts

  1. Ole is a lovely gentleman who has dedicated the last 30 years of his life to shining light on these staged events. it is especially important that we become aware of the methods, “recipes” and end-game motives of these so-called “elites”. We are at a point now where they have accelerated the use of these tactics with the aim of scaring us into submission – their goal? A one world government which has been talked about so much by many politicians and religious leaders recently. This plan is pure, complete tyranny, and goes completely against what most of humanity believes in. We must do all we can to make people aware of the fact that these are STAGED events. From Norway, to Madrid, to London, Charlie Hebdo, Boston Bombings, Sandy Hook, and of course, September 11th. Thank you for sharing on this page – for many more presentations on the events mentioned above you can also go to

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