A health risk we are ignoring – EMFs

The natural hertz frequency of our earth (of nature) is about 31 Hz. This is the frequency that “speaks” well with our own energy charges flowing withing our organisms. A reason why it’s healthy to walk bare foot!

So, what are we all doing?

We are exposing ourselves to frequencies well above 1 Giga Hertz, often 24/7! Our smartphones, WiFi, Laptops, etc are all creating and emitting EMFs (electro magnetic frequencies) or “electro smog” way way above those which our organisms should be exposed to!

I have information that tests have been done of the effects of EMFs on human DNA material. The results? The DNA become “heated” and cannot return to its normal modus of operation after EMF exposure, indeed it becomes damaged!

Statistics of brain cancers in Sweden are now starting to link mobile phone usage with cell damage and resulting cancers. Why Sweden? Because they were one of the 1st nations to embrace mobile phone technology on a mass scale.

What can you do?

Read up on this and become informed on how to protect yourselves and reduce your exposure.


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