A statement from the Amazon – what “modern” society has lost

The other day I had the privilege to watch the film “Sacred Science”. It’s about a mini hospital (some huts in the Amazon) which is worked by the local medicine men, i.e. pure natural ancient practices using the healing plants of the jungle and spiritual workings.

The experience was wonderful and showed just how far apart we have come from our natural universe.

Particularly 2 points stuck with me;

  1. the more we dis-engage from nature and expose ourselves to non natural elements the sicker we become
  2. that death leads to a new phase much more enriching than the physical cage of earthly life. And it is here that the “punch line” I’ll never forget comes in. The Medicine man said that the West has accumulated extreme fear of death, through this fear it has lost its ability to live.

Let’s start to break out of our un-natural system, let’s start the long journey to learn to live again.

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