A way to end greed – how the VW affair confirms a need to cap wealth!

Living in Germany I sort of took a little pride in our “clean” image and a belief that although also we are the Matrix, that we are a bit less Matrix than say the US, etc.

What a load of bullshit!

The VW scandal shattered any faint belief I had remaining that maybe there can be “less Matrix”.

It all boils down to greed! How can we correct this element that kills our environment, rapes our resources, causes immense wealth to poverty spreads, and in the end kills people?

Limit the total wealth that any one individual can accumulate to a maximum of €/$ 10 mio. Near kill the incentive for greed, but leave enough to keep things rolling.

I have NEVER understood why on earth would any “normal” human being what to accumulate more than this sum! There is a point where wealth saturation overrides the ability to spend and appreciate what one owns. The said amount is variable of course (I actually prefer €/$ 5) but can you understand the principle?

A world arrangement where excess wealth is used for the poor, to develope broken nations, to reverse environmental damage and return to natural whole foods, etc. Yes I know this is a tax, but this evil exists already. Yes I know this means data collection, but this already takes place. This approach certainly is not without debate. But it would severely set a blow to greed!

Oh, I hear then less would be produced, less would be of everything! Hmm, would that be so? And, if? Then that wouldn’t be bad either!

Maybe, after a generation of this there would be no need for taxes anymore because humankind would learn to share, respect nature and live in love!

Time to share

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