We all feel like orphans, in the realm beyond we are loved and have nothing to fear.

I just finished a beautiful and most powerful book. It’s about a top brain surgeon who experiences the realm into which we go when we (our spirit) leaves its shell (body) and the 4 dimensions most can only depict.

The real universe (actually unvierses) is boundless  in its dimensions and depths, it includes the 4 dimensions we know but they play no role anymore. It is full of unending love and cannot in any miniscule manner be described by our languages and earthly minds which are so limited.

The text that impacted me to the core was that “… we all feel like orphans (in the absence of the realms’ love), however (in the realm) we are loved and have nothing to fear …”

I recommend this book –

Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife, from Eben Alexander MD.

After this you will feel free and see life totally different.

After this you will question everything our system has enveloped us in.

You will see that we do not need many institutions and human made rules and dogma!

The Core

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