Who owns the Land? A fascinating insight into the myth that “we” may “own” a property!

This series was released on ZenGardner.com

Part 1 details how & why we (the common folk) are fooled if we believe that we may “own” land, property, etc. The world power held by a Triad (“the City”, Vatican, and district of Clumbia in Washington DC) is exposed to explain how we all have become enslaved by what what I call simply the Matrix. Ref. http://www.zengardner.com/who-owns-the-land/

Part 2 details the role of the Vatican in the power grabs that later ensured the inequality of land (and power / wealth) “ownership”. Ref. http://www.zengardner.com/owns-land-part-2/

Part 3 details the Timeline of our enslavement. http://www.zengardner.com/owns-land-part-3/

Amasing stuff. The scary thing is it’s all believable (but also warrents careful verification).

2 thoughts

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  2. Indeed your property, as well as your children, will only be yours inasmuch as you will have the limited usage rights, until the system decides to classify you as an enemy of the state and have all property as well as your inalienable human rights taken from you. Already mainstream media is reporting that you do not own your car, you’re merely transferred usage rights, and that the owners and license-givers of the software contained within the framework of your car – actually own that property. It is a completely foreign and psychopathic way of thinking. This has to end and has little way of being contested, once passed into law. That requires the “nod” from the masses. If we give this nod, which is implicit in our inaction, these will be the laws we will be forced to live under, in due course. Tyranny repeats its methods and ways of controlling the flow of information, our financial realities, all of the hoops we have to jump through in order to get what is already rightfully ours. We have been subject to that way of thinking since day one, via education, culture and prior acceptance of our forefather’s lack of action. The systematic stripping of rights has continued and indeed accelerated in recent years. It is destined to continue – unless we make a stand against it. People are waking up and know, deep in their souls, that something is definitely going on. It’s time for us to communicate the problem, but also the solution. Let’s come together and be the voice of the people. Unless we do this now, I fear it will be too late tomorrow. My information is attached to this post. Please get in touch directly or reply to this post, if what I am saying resonates on any level. Kindest and best wishes for you, your loved ones, and indeed all of humanity. Peace.


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