Only the concept of Ownership prevents the complete robot takeover – for now!

Think of it. Let’s say in about 10 years robotics is far enough to be replacing many human tasks. That they have a similar form to humans, can talk, etc. What’s holding them back from being “equal”?

Believe me there wil be interests who will call for this.

Of course there are the human traits that they will only at best mimic. But as far as the elites are concerned this is not only irrelevant but also not destired (except maybe for their sex slave robots).

The so-called “law” is being pushed and expanded these days. What if, the right of ownership (this is all that the elites care about) was endowed apon robots!?

Well. Then they could be not only be productive (ousting humans) but be rewarded (paid) for their work. Wow, they could by homes, cars, goods, etc. Food, no need there. They could work 24/7, spend, and make the elite “happy”!

Who would need humans then? Apart from the 500 million that are meant to “survive”, none!

One thought

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