How your PH level tells a lot about your health, now and in the future!

Every now and then when reading a book, e.g. on health I discover something and think, yep that’s something others may also like to know! This is one such case.

Our body’s PH level is literally a mirror of the state of condition / cleanliness of our organism. The common things we do to our bodies in Western society such as too much sugar, cheap or simple carbs, additives, colours, preservatives, pesticides, etc all have a slow but deadly stealthy impact.

They all contribute (actually definately do) to making our organism acidic. An acidic organisim is poisoned, and with varying degrees will not function well. The immune system gets damaged, the de-tox capabilities eventually become overloaded, indeed the very fluide (lymphatic fluids) surronding our cells becomes like a poisoned ocean.

This all leads to a whole host of ills down the line. From infections, colds, stomach problems, all the way through to autoimmune deseases, cancer, etc.

The PH can tell us, warn us, if we are on the path to health misery or not! And given that some 70% of westerners have candida (a form of fungal infection of the gut meaning a poor gut flora and damaged immune system) it might be useful to see if your body is acidic. When it’s acidic, fungal growths / organisims thrive in it, and cause all sorts of issues!

Our bodies should have a PH of about 7.4. A blood test at the doctor is the best way to find out. However simple litmus test strips  give a good indication. They can be used on the urine or saliva. Urine should be tested about 5 times in the day (ca. 7:00, 10:00, 13:00, 16:00, and 19:00) and saliva say 3 times (leave about 2 hours after eating anything). The saliva should average about 7.5 and the urine about 6.7.

Ph guage

Given that the liver is often working to de-tox and can lean toward acidity (the de-tox actually working) I prefer the saliva method. Btw. if you have a more acidic saliva then carious & co. are in the making!

Here’s a link on testing to help:

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