The owners of the Matrix want to depopulate! Here’s why this is likely true!

There is a lot of material out there on the “De-ppoulation” topic. Basically that “the elite” want and plan to reduce the global population. Goal, 500 million world wide. No more! Of elite only … of course!

Based on my research thus far I think there is merrit to this disturbing theory. But, you know, it all ends up not completely tied down, somewhat “open”. Quite unsatisfactory to say the least.

So, let’s take a step into some logical thinking and assess at a high level; “Is such a goal or plan even conceivable, indeed likely?

Let’s take this step by step;

It is now confirmed factual history that the 2nd atomic bomb on Japan was decided because “the money had been spent” and such an expenditure had to be “justified”.

Think about it!                 Nagasaki mass murder

Some 140.000 dead, civilians because of a cash driven ideology. The “good” people, leaders of democracy,  made a conscience decision to literally murder innocent people. Remorse, an official apology and a conscience decision to rid the world of such weapons is screamingly silent!

This FACT was enough to make me indeed believe that there are “people” who support eugenics and “ridding the world of unwanted people”. Indeed, I now accept that such lizards must exist! Also that they are “people” in power and wealth, i.e. who can indeed inflict mass death by stealth.

Add to this fact other factors such as the “industrial sickening” of the population;

  • the disgusting use of GMOs on our food and fields
  • the use of pesticides to poison our soils and gut flora
  • the industrialisation of the meat industry to supply bad meats laced with hormones, GMOs and antibiotics
  • big pharma filling innocents with chemicals and treatments that long term poison us even more
  • in certain nations the poisoning of the population’s water with flouride and fracking
  • forced vaccination to compromise the long term health of millions,

and the list goes on. I can believe that all of this IS part of a plan, a plan to ill down the population so that they will perrish. But not before money is made “out of them”.

It is also logical that if this all is not “fast enough” other more drastic measures and plans may be in the making!

Be awake, warn others, and fight this with love and stubborne resistance!

PS: I love photography, and hope never to have to take such shots of evil.

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