There may be a lethal toxin right under our noses – Chlorine!

A few days ago we were informed that urgent repair work on the areas water pipes had to be performed. Water off for 2 days (during day time) AND that Chlorine will need to be added for about 10 days – we don’t add chlorine where I live.

This got me thinking. Chlorine kills bacteria, the exact reason why they add it when the water is exposed to non sterile sources, like during water infrastructure works. So, logic has it that if we drink it our gut flora can be damaged! If this gets damaged then some 80% of our immune system is also damaged. You get it, illness is a threat!

But now get this.

Chlorine evaporates very quickly and easily, and so can be directly absorbed into the blood stream. It is also very easily absorbed into the skin. As such using chlorinated water to shower or bath can actually do more damage to our health than even drinking the stuff!

You can read about this in good detail in this website:

What should we do? If your water is consistently or often chlorinated use good filters! If only temporarily / rarely, use bottled (glass) water for consumption and shower short and at low temperatures.

Links between chlorine and, e.g. cancer are becoming evident. So please take this seriously!

AGAIN, another example of how the Matrix keeps us in the dark. Why? More on that in the next post!

chlorine toxin

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