This made MY DAY!

About 3 weeks ago I greeted a neighbour (a number of houses away) after missing him for some three months. This was not a pleasant greeting as he looked like death. He has cancer of the stomach and kidney. He had lost an aweful amount of weight as the cancer was eating everything it could get. He was literally wasting away!

The next days after our encounter I informed him of a few things like cancer loving sugar and carbs (turns into sugar) and how it needs 31 times the energy compared to normal cells. That if he eats sugars and cheap carbs he’ll be feeding the cancer rather than his normal cells. I gave him some tips on how to “starve” the cancer cells (a list of no / low carb good fats & protein foods), advised how he can boost his immune system, and advised him to start the Budwig diet (cottage cheese & flax seed oil) to actually destroy the cancer cells.

Well, he took the advice.

I found out today that in that short time frame he has gained 8 kilos and is feeling a lot better.

He still is on the big pharma / medicine programme (chemo, etc) which I don’t like at all. They were also trying to stop his weight loss (with little success). At least some natural protocol is doing its work.

THIS MADE MY DAY.  The emotion of seeing someone edge back from death was the strongest I have ever experienced.


3 thoughts

  1. That’s a wonderful post! thank you. Heart warmin. Let’s hope that his recovery continues. If you give me just his first name, I will say a prayer for him. Daily. Be kind, be hopeful, be well. Love and Light, William


  2. Hello & thanks for the lovely comment. Typical for Germany we use surnames when we are not “formally in the informal” language mode. I think his surename is Herr Türk. But I call him “Mr. Benjamin” – that is his dog’s name – we are in sporadic contact via our meeting during dog walking :-)). Funny how things are connected.Thank you for your prays, very warming.


    1. Thanks for your lovely reply. We are currently living in Germany also, in the city of Würzburg – it’s a pleasure to meet you, so to speak! I am also a photographer, by profession. Please feel free to check out my work.

      Herr Türk is a wonderful name! I will include him in my prayers and hope for his swift recovery. Miracles happen every day. Thanks again for your reply. Kindness and light to you also. William


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