China’s polluted air kills 4,400 a day: Study

Source: NY Times

Based on a new study some 1.6 million Chinese die per year as a result of air pollution. That’s some 4,400 per day!

Chinas air pollution

Some 3/8 ths of the population breath unhealthy air under US standards. The pollution is indicated to largely come from industrial zones, what a surprise. The pollutants are usually mico sized particles small enough to enter deep in the organism causing illnesses such as asthma, lung cancer, heart problems, etc.

I find it odd how these studies imply a ring fencing of illnesses that can result. As soon as micron toxins enter the blood stream (as the case here) the WHOLE organism is at extreme risk and opens the path for a full range of deseases that cannot be restricted in nature and certainly not in a short listing in a news article.

I find it appauling that human life is treated so cheaply.

Through our demand and their neglect of safety millions must die.

On top the global environment is wrecked, day for day.

How about buying less “stuff”, and when we do, good quality that will last. The consumer can change this! Of course if our own wealth spread is terrible, this is not always possible for all.

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