Humanism still exists! A wonderful experience with an old cash register and a character.

On Friday my wife and I were in town. She needed a new bra. We found a shop where you could count on advice and service. We got that and when it came to paying I had a great experience.

I saw an old cash register (60 / 70’s) and kept looking for the “real” terminal, you know a modern register and plastic money reader, etc. Nothing!

I looked back at the “old lady” (register) and indeed, it was in full use. The shop owner filled out a old style docket, you know, with a pen. There was also a carbon copy for her records. And then it was cash. She pushed those pronounced big buttons of the register and it rang, etc.

What a refreshing moment. No plastic, no pin, no sign-off, etc. Just straight cash and a mechanical register. Wonderful.


What’s more, the lady was also a lovely character. We talked about all sorts of things. None of this faceless cold “hi, swipe, thankyou” … we had an exchange with a real person. Lovely!

Yes, times have changed, and we have forgotton!

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