If we all had 4 years left, how would humankind react?

Just the other day it was reported by NASA that an asteroide (89959) 2002 NT7 was on a likely collision course with our planet, planned to hit 1 Feb. 2019. A few days later they retracted the view lowering the probability.

This got me thinking.

First the chances that NASA are lying and maybe the asteroide will hit would not surprise me! Secondly, if that were the case how would we react?

End of the world 1

What a mind game!

Almost everything that “civilized” humankind lives for would become meaningless! For example:

  • investing
  • saving
  • career planning
  • medical research
  • having children
  • buying a house or appartment,
  • maybe even working ….

Lots would change and lots would break down!

What would become more rather than less? Well:

  • religion
  • family
  • friends
  • holidays
  • living
  • searching for “safe places”
  • bunker building
  • the rich “moving out” from the rest
  • survival plans for the “select few”
  • ……

The “less” and the “more” would creat absolute chaos. Indeed, I dare to say we would destroy ourselves before any asteroide would hit.

Yes. Best that the populace not know such things.

But watch for signs of what the elite are doing. Always!

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