Vegertables are becoming LESS healthy! Cross breeding in the US is making them less bitter.

In today’s tabloid (yes a mainstream paper – BAMS Germany) hidden in a small article on page 31 was shocking article.

Through the cross breeding of vegertables in the US (and I’ll bet not just there) the levels of bitterness are being purposely reduced – so that kids will eat them. Dr. Adam Drewnoski of the university of Washington has now warned hat this development is dangerous. The bitter antioxidents so dearly needed to help the human body fight cancer are being depleted.

I was shocked.

So, we not only have poorer foods from depleted soils, GMOs, and pesticides all attacking our health. Now manipulated vegertables on top!

The cancer industry really is going to all lengths! I’m sure this is also a part of their vision.

Please spread this.

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