Elitist De-population and Eugenics goals. Just conspiracy? I suspect not! 10 Reasons.

The world of the Matrix and how it’s being used for the goals of the elitist globalists has become way too complex to analyse and understand, unless one has a super computer and is a wizzard at using it. I don’t have such a machine and am certainly no wizzard!

What I can do however is pull right back and get a view from a great distance. Try to cut out the noise and focus on some big ticket indicators that may just give us the direction of things.

Here is a list of 10 big ticket facts;

  1. the massive use of GMO’s in global crops. As an example if you use Soy products and they are not explicity organic, they are 95% likely GMO! Despite known health issues with these they continue to be pushed at all cost!
  2. the extreme use of Glyphosate on the great majority of non organic crops. Despite the known (since 40 years) cancerous impacts of the poison it continues to be pushed at all cost!
  3. mainstream medicine, its agancies, big pharma, and bought government all pushing to keep the status quo (a trillion dollar industry) while at the same time doing everything in their power to destroy and wipe out natural medicine and better, more effective, “alternative” treatments to the “civilization diseases”. This has being going on since the 1900’s and continues into ever more sinister paths, e.g. the killings and dissapearences of natural doctors in the US who expose! Yep, make repeatedly more ill people, keep’em alive, and “milk’em” for their “medicine”.
  4. the extreme expansion of electro magnetic smog (EMS). Massive industrial interests are engaged to smother any and all information / studies that link EMS with various ills (especially cancers). Especially the impacts of EMS on children. The push to more EMS, e.g. via so called Smart Meters (power, gas, water utilities) goes on despite new studies now surfacing that EMS is indeed linked to e.g. brain cancer!
  5. the control of mainstream media by direct and indirect equity control, lobbying, advertising dominance, bribes and donations (politicical parties). I am just reading a book from an ex FAZ (the proclaimed Nr. 1 print media in Germany) journalist (a top one at that) who has goes to lengths to detail (with names, locations, events, etc) how his industry is completely bought out. He admitts that he also took bribes and instructions to print what “they” wanted, not the truth, let alone any real journalism involving investigations & exposures, etc!
  6. the massive expansion of “police state” developments in virtually all nations globally. This often being introduced on the back of faked and exagerated terror risks
  7. the incredible mis-match between government policies and the wants of the people. This is a global phenomenon where the populace increasingly have less and less say in what happens
  8. the growth in modern age “developed” nations slavery. Real incomes have fallen, jobs are turning tempory / contractual as the youth become more and more disillusioned. At the same time corporations become bigger, more powerful and are bursting with profits.
  9. the apparent truth behind Geo-engineering. My research thus far is leading to the conclusion that our skies, rain and air are indeed being poisoned!
  10. the overall pollution of our planet contines unabated despite growing global warning signs that humankind is slowly committing suicide. Alternative forms of society, energy, conservation, etc receive at best lip service, but key industrial interests are not to be interferred with!

This short list is my “big ticket” collection strongly indicating that globalists elite interests want the population;

  • dumbed down
  • obidient
  • controlled
  • unrepresented
  • ill and diseased
  • reduced,

so that the remaining smaller group of self proclaimed supreme elites can rule and survive. I can add to all of this that many of the so-called elite have openly supported the ideas of de-population and eugenics!

I keep coming back to the film Ellisium.citypens

Yes, that is the way we are heading!!

Wake up, be aware, and fight for your freedom and a caring different society!

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