Russia banned Thimerosal (mercury based) preservative in vaccines in 1980! And the rest?

I was fascinated to read that Thimerosal (a preservative based on mercury used in vaccines) is still in the use in e.g. the US and other countries yet was banned as long ago as 1980 in Russia. It was removed from market for most vaccines in Australia 1st in 2000! It has also been removed in the UK, Scandanavia, Austria and Japan, all also later.

Russia’s own trails proved the health risk of this which led to it being banned!

My take on this! In Russia the influence of big pharma on politics was (and likely still is) a lot lower than in the West! Simple as that!

Anyone questioning the Russian science here would be well advised to be very cautious! They are top in these fields! It is also to be noted that the Russian maximum limits of e.g. nitrates in foods are a good bit stricter than in ,e.g. the EU.

Back to vaccines. Of course there are other “goodies” in the shots used in the West, like aluminium compounds (to boost the immune reaction), Polysorbate 80 (emulsifying agent). These are by no means less of an issue than the mercury compound! For instance the former being well evidenced as causing autism in kids. These are also in full use!

Conclusion: If you rely on your “authorities” to guide you on vaccines you are playing with your health, let alone your kids health!

mercury poisoning

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