Dr. Johanna Budwig – a pioneer in the natural cure for Cancer

Dr. Johanna Budwig (a German chemist and physicist) was a pioneer in finding a natural cure for cancer.

She was active in curing thousands of patients (also stage 4 cases) from the 1950’s till her accident death in 2009. Independently kept records showed a 90+% success rate!

She discovered that cancer cells are oxygen poor. In an oxygen poor environment in our cells cancer has a good chance of taking hold!

A cornerstone of her treatment was to completely change the diets (vegertables, whole organic foods only, plenty of Omega 3 oils, etc) and the so-called “Budwig Muslie”. This is the mix of low fat cottage cheese with flax seed oil (about 250 gramm cottage cheese with about 50ml oil) mixed with a good hand held blender. The mix when ready is to be eaten within about 20 minutes. It can be mixed with fruits, etc.

It was this mix (as part of a programme) that turned cancers around withing about 3 months and cured after differeing time frames.

There is a Budwig Clinic in Spain (due to the need for sun) which is my personal tip for anyone struck with cancer in Europe. Check out http://www.budwigcenter.com/ for more details.

A very special woman who I thank so much.

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