Cell / Smartphone radiation may be setting you up for cancer!

I suspect this is a very disliked topic!

Why? Well all of you out there who use a cell phone, smartphone, iphone, etc, and there are a lot of you, do not want to hear that you may be preparing yourselves for cancer!

This is called a situation of “vested interest”. You just love that little device. You may be hooked on it! You “need” it, use it all the time. You can’t exist without it! You are it and it is you!

Yet, can you be honest with yourself and even think about thinking about this matter? Hmmm…

Now if you tell me that our oganisims, which are full of natural low frequencies, have no problem with giga hertz of radiation from these devices, then I must say “come on”!

In Sweeden the 1st stats our coming out on increased brain cancerous activity linked to cell phone use. http://www.medicaldaily.com/brain-tumors-and-cell-phone-use-found-be-linked-again-310460

Give it time, the stats will go up and up!

Then again, maybe they won’t as the Matrix has NO interest in dampening cell phone use. It NEEDS them to tag and track you! As we ALL know, statistics can be very well manipulated.

So, read this and then just ignore it! If you do though then maybe the Matrix has you literally “by the balls”!

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