The best UFO shot I’ve seen – direct from NASA – with the website screenshot! But can it be trusted?

This fascinating UFO shot was posted on The Daily Sheeple, they got it from “Streetcap 1”, and it’s being spread. Taken by a NASA space telescope while photographing the sun this July 15. By chance it looks like they also took what really appears to be a UFO!

Ok. But I wanted to find it on the web in original and after a while I found it. Looks like Nasa has deleted it (?) but I still found the what looks like the original path. Along the idea that it’s really hard to delete everything from the web these days!

I question why NASA would allow such a slip-up? I question NASA anyway, they are after all Matrix driven. Hmmm.

Anyway, still worth a look and worth pondering!

Here’s the shot:


Here’s a ca 60% zoom I did:

SPHO NASA Photo ca 60%

and some more zooming:

SPHO NASA Photo ca 90%SPHO NASA Photo ca 120%

Finally here’s the screenshot as pdf to show the official Nasa path:

Screenshot NASA photo SOHO 15.07.2015 as pdf

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