Young woman kidnapped to be Chemo’ed against her will …. a criminal system. Video – please spread!

Here is a shocking account of a real life kidnapping (12 police cars) of a young woman against her (and her mothers’) will. She was literally brut forced to take chemo. They force strapped her to a bed, sedated and then poisoned her. This unbelievable act of thugary and total breach of human rights happend in the US.

She’s hoping to make it to 18 years of age (is now 17) to then be able to make her descision to naturally cure her cancer in just 2 months. Yes, despite her forced treatment she is not clear!

Ty Bollinger is a wonderful crusader in spreading the Truth about Cancer. He did this interview and needs it to be spread.

Please help in the fight against the Matrix and the way it mistreats innocent people.

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