A nation that fought the Nazis is now moving to madatory vaccines for adults (California) – is this for real!? Video.

This is the 1st video I’ve seen on the disgusting idea behind a legislative Bill in Calfornia. The idea is to make vaccines manditory for audults. They’ve already done it for little kids.

1st for those working in certain clinics / homes, etc, BUT you get the drift …. they (the elite behind big pharma and paying off the politicians) will eventually roll this out to anyone who needs to be in contact with society in any way.

Penalties for non compliance? Criminal status!

Here in Germany such a move would fast be labelled “Nazi”, which it effectively is. That is why here they are super cautious on anything like this. Of course if the “super democracy” USA allows this then maybe it isn’t something Nazi after all. Sick thought!

Just imagine. Some “authority” tells you YOU HAVE TO be injected with toxic crap, you have NO choice!

We ALL need to be on this!

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