Almagan is not just poison, it wreaks cell electric chaos!

A quick post about my 1st visit to a natural medicine fully qualified dentist this morning.

I was there to prepare to have my Almagan filling (mercury) removed. She did all of the standard tests & checks. But then came two moves which I have not experienced before;

  1. she checked the voltage at different spots in my mouth. Some were like 32 millivolt, others up to about 162
  2. she tested my PH value with a strip test – result near perfect

On 1. she noted that the metals in my mouth (Almagan and Gold) were conflicting and causing voltage “rock concerts”, like ACDC times 10. She said that the cells have to deal with these values which were way out of line, i.e. stress which can cause illness.

On 2. she noted that it was clear that I had completely changed my diet. The “normal” diet would have pushed the readings to the extreme (as is usually the case).

The procedure to remove Almagan will entail 4 weeks of taking suppliments to bind the mercury and expell it. The OP will involve using a slow “1 hit” drill technique which avoids high speed vaporisation and hence mercury gas and dust fragments. Other precautions will also be in place. After the OP more suppliments to bind and expell the mercury.

Fascinating! A pleasure to meet a dentist who is not caught by the Matrix!

What awaits me What awaits !


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