Something bad is brewing, I feel it, I sense it! This may be what’s coming – a video worth watching!

You may be sensing it like I am.

We seem to be in a trance, everything seems to be rolling on, day by day the system keeps humming. Yet for months now I’ve become aware that things are starting to build up, things are collectively moving to, shall we say “instability”!

There are so many things getting out of balance that maybe we’re blinded by the complexity.

Maybe there is one key event brewing that is IT!?

This video could be an accurate warning of what we soon face. Unfortunately I give it a “more likely than not” event probability!

3 thoughts

  1. This is very important info, ty so much for sharing. sometimes is really hard for me to tell that something like this will never happen, humanity is at the same time breaking down and waking up… But even with so many and diverse possibilities My wish and vision remains positive, ihave no other choice then belive that Our pure energy and love are the only and one thing capable of preventing ththis from happening … For ever.

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