A conversation with my MD – “they’re killing people”!

A guy who lives about 10 houses down from me has been diagnosed with stomach and kidney cancer. I was wondering why I hadn’t seen him the last 2 months.

I had a short chat with him. He was on chemo, throwing up, etc, and was nothing but skin & bone. He is loosing weight dramatically because his cancer cells are burning up everything he takes in (food) – remember they use 31 times the energy compared to normal cells. In his case he needs very low yet calorie

He told me he was on drips in the evenings to feed him!

Yesterday I was at my MD. I told he the story. She mentioned that his food and the drip solution will be sugar based. I then said, “well, that’s crazy. He or better they are feeding his cancer! This is his road to death!” She didn’t hesitate and gave a quick “yes”.

Frustrated I said that how can the “established medical system allow this?”. She just noted that it teaches and trains people in its pin-hole views. Most within this system are innocent, “they know no better” but that others know but drive another agenda!

They are literally killing innocent people!

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