Find the truth! A video interview on “dark forces” behind JFK, 9/11, etc showing that we are being duped!

I came across this today.

An interview with Ole Dammegard, a Sweed who has been hunting down what he calls “dark forces” in the system for the past 30 years. It seems that the shock events over the decades (JFK, 9/11, etc) may have indeed been manipulated and performed by others than as reported! He has paid a high price for his invesigative work, which he details in the video. I think he has earned the right to be heard!

A long video but worth the time!

His web site:

One question he doesn’t have the answer to is why the people behind the evil happening actually do this. If he doesn’t know after 30 years then I certainly have no answer.

Maybe however these “people” are actually posessed!? Just a thought!

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