Greece taken over by EU powers – next step, Globalists World Government!

Well, here we have it. As I predicted months ago that “there will be a deal” came true.

Think about this;

  • the Greeks vote against austerity in the general election and explicitly in the recent referendum
  • what does there fearless leader do, he says “stuff you” people of Greece, we will bend to the powers of the E-Zone
  • in Germany the populace are clearly against a new deal (= more bail out). What does its government do? Stuff you, your lost billions will be added to, more tax funds down the toilet! 
  • the flawed idealogy of the Euro and E-Zone will be upheld “at all cost”
  • stuff what the people think, stuff what they vote for (or in Germany’s case are not allowed to vote for)

So, what does all of this mean?

  • it is a brutally clear sign of how elite interests run the governments, e.g. part of the Greek deal will be a push on privatizations …. guess who gets some great buying deals? Very powerful private wealth!
  • centralism of power (the EU, E-Zone, IMF, etc) is expanding to the point that creditors & the elite behind them tell a soverign nation how to act despite the will of its people
  • Greece is just an example. All nations are now sliding into the hands of mega wealth interests who want more control on a global basis
  • less freedom for everyone
  • less say for everyone
  • voting in a statist system of supposed “democracy” is near useless
  • mega government, mega powers will tell us what is “good for us”, and especially what is good for the 0.01%!

We are well on the way to becoming the “Borg” (Star Trek). Give it another 10 years and we’ll be chipped and “managed” by remote!Borg

Wake up!

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