Stop Cancer – My personal Anti / Prevention Cancer protocol, that the system hides from you!

I’ve posted a fair bit on cancer causes, what cancer feeds off, etc. Now it’s time to disclose my personal anti / prevention cancer protocol that has developed after loads of research and experience.

Something positive that I really hope can help others.

  1. for breakfast 50ml of Flaxseed oil mixed with cottage cheese (use a decent hand held blender to get a creamy airy mix). I use this on Soy Flakes (organic) with raspberries and or bluberries. The special oil / C cheese mix is from the “Budwig diet”. The mix is an obsolute cancer cell destroyer. The Soy flakes have plenty of calories but near no carbs, i.e. this food does NOT feed the cancer cells (remember they need 31 times the energy of healthy cells to survive). Short: this breakfast kills cancerous cells and starves them simultaneously.Budwig diet
  2. concentrated Broccoli sprout extract – high quality organic powder from the broccoli sprouts in capsule form (3 mornings, 3 evenings). Is gret for the organism and is a top enemy of cancerous cell activity
  3. daily suppliments Vit C, D, K2, Zinc, Cumin, and barley grass concentrate– immune system boosters and organism turbo chargers
  4. periodically selene and a vit. B complex
  5. 70-80% vegetables, some fruit, nuts, fish, grass fed red meat once per week, tofu, good oils & herbs / spices, goat / sheeps cheese. Green smoothies are great, varity salads too.Vegies
  6. NO sugars, sweet stuff
  7. Mininmal carbs (e.g NO breads, nor noodles)
  8. SPORT and exercise daily – about an hour. Getting those organs pumped through helps not just staying fit, it also is vital for the de-tox function!
  9. I made sure that I rid myself of Candida (a seperate post will follow on this) – about 70% of the western populace have this condition! This condition is a clean sign of damaged gut flora and hence that the immune system is (significantly compromised)
  10. a daily probiotic – for that gut flora!

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