Great Orbs from last night – we have more dimensions than the Matrix wants us to believe – Update!

Update 12.7.2015:

I went out again for the 3rd. night. This time I took shots at various sites in our village under identical conditions. No Orbs anywhere, except again back at my own house / garden. All ideas about effects of rain (there was no rain at any time), dust (nope), insects … well if so they can’t only have been at my place, coal dust (hmm not here), etc. All up. There seems to indeed be something behind the spirit basis behind Orbs.

Here the last shot: Orb 12.7.15

So, I went out again last night and took these shots with some great Orbs.

From my research Orbs are energy / spirit manifestations which show when they are present and can draw energy (from different sources) to appear. Here I used the same camera at the same time & conditions, etc. I show one shot with nothing visable, then others taken immediately after. Original files not changed or altered (I wouldn’t know how anyway). This time I haven’t marked them with arrows, etc. They should be pretty obvious!

Click on the photos to enlarge.

Shot showing “nothing” Same frame time no Orbs

Then the Orbs Orbs11.7.15 3Orbs11.7.15 2 Orbs 11.7.15 close


Absolutely wonderful. Makes me think beyond our confined system cage!

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