Death by spraying – Shocking info. I have to spread

I thought I knew a fair bit about the issues with pesticides.


I read a mind blowing article yesterday hidden inconspicuously in a dietary magazine in a MD’s practice. Titled in German “Totgespritzt”, Death by Spraying. Related to Germany and the EU but applicable the world over!

A rather long article over 4 small print pages but I didn’t get bored! Here are the key messages;

  1. livestock have increasingly been getting ill. Unexplainable issues such as lack of diet, digestion issues, growths & tumors, lost production, etc
  2. some years back a Danish farmer was having issues with the health of his pigs. It got so bad that he started to question if his feed was behind the problem. He was buying stock feed largely out of soy and corn, largely imported from the US and South America. He knew his feed was GMO material and had also been exposed to pesticides containing Glyphosate. A complete change in feed was made, and the animals returned to normal health. He was curious and hence experimented. He kept records and found that he could totally impact the health of his stock via the feed. Conclusion: the GMO / pesticide feed made his stock ill and cost his farm returns due to poor output and huge vet bills. He now uses only his own crop feed and has healthly stock. After intensive testing and 32000 pigs later he will never go back to the old feed.
  3. Problem is – most farmers use the GMO / Glyphosate stock feed  in the EU AND THIS DOES NOT NEED TO BE DECLARED to the consumer. We here think we have no GMO’s! What a joke! What a fraud!
  4. scientists over an ever broader spectrum are reporting risks of mutations, kidney & liver damage, lack of fertility, and cancer. To name a few.
  5. March 2015, The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) officially rated Glyphosate as likely cancer causing in humans.
  6. now get this, Glyphosate is apparently not used on its own, but as a mix of various other chemicals. It is the mix and interreaction of other chemicals with Glyphosate that boost the toxicity in terms of significant multiples.
  7. there are some 94 different pesticides being applied in Germany that contain glyphosate
  8. these substances have not been tested in their mixture combination forms despite massively increased toxicity. The whole outcry over Glyphosate is based on this single substance and its impacts. Short, the situation is a lot worse than thought!
  9. weeds are now becoming resistant to Glyphosate, so the farmers are having to spray even more!
  10. also, crops like canola, potato, wheat are being sprayed just prior to harvesting, to make it “easier to harvest”, and all the more poisoned for us!
  11. Glyphosate has also been proven to destroy needed microbes in the soils (here we have to link to lower nutrician levels), and is now impacting the water table!
  12. humans are being exposed to this toxin via almost ALL common foods, via meats, diary, egg produce (feed), via poisoned water and destroyed soils.It's in EVERYTHING!
  13. scientists are now reporting that Glyphosate acts like a nerve poison which likely disrupts the hormon system. Also that the enzyme system is disrupted so that for example our ability to process and discharge toxins becomes damaged!
  14. the French scientist Seralini, a long time tester and crusader against Glyphosate & mixes containing it, has been harassed, preasured, and threatened over the years. He has had intensive attacks from industrial interests, agency & other bought scientists, and corporations such as Monsanto & co. His tests over years have all proven the above toxic impacts of Glyphosate.
  15. hundreds of “studies” performed by the corporations and e.g. the EPA remain locked away and not accessable to the public!

This is frightening and disgusting.

In my dicussions with mirobiologist MDs and extensive readings, it has been confirmed that science is at the kindergarden stage as far as understanding how our microbiology, gut flora, enzyme & hormone systems work. Yet we have interests here that pump toxins into us claiming “no harmful impacts on humans”. 

Give me a break!

More evidence just how corrupt and criminal corporate and government interests in our system truely are

.Deafing silence of corruption

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