Marie Curie’s Research Papers Are Still Radioactive 100+ Years Later

An excellent piece that reminds us of the extreme dangers of radioactivity. When I think of Fukushima it makes me shudder. That site is still poisoning the world, our foods, our water, our fish, air and land. The silence on this is deafening! - by F. Kaskais

Image by The Wellcome Trust

Image by The Wellcome Trust

byMarcie Gainer

Marie Curie’s notebooks, clothes, and Parisian home are still radioactive and will be for at least the next 1,500 years.

Ted Mills via Open Culture:

When researching a famous historical figure, access to their work and materials usually proves to be one of the biggest obstacles. But things are much more difficult for those writing about the life of Marie Curie, the scientist who, along her with husband Pierre, discovered polonium and radium and birthed the idea of particle physics. Her notebooks, her clothing, her furniture, pretty much everything surviving from her Parisian suburban house, is radioactive, and will be for 1,500 years or more.

If you want to look at her manuscripts, you have to sign a liability waiver at France’s Bibliotheque Nationale, and then you can access the notes that are sealed in a lead-lined…

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