So blind are we, so indoctrinated, so caged – “I have a dream” – Part 1

I read a book, “The Most Dangerous Superstition” by Larken Rose. And the awakening followed!

Here’s a good video about this to entertain ahead of the text:

Thanks here to the Zen Gardner.

To think that I personally have been fooled, have been brainwashed and mislead for over 50 years, yep a half a century, literally confounds me.

It’s not just the book.

My first awakening was being subject to medical mis-treatment and realising that the (especially) western medical system is totally rigged. This led to numerous awakenings on food toxicity,  GMO’s, corrupt bought out political systems, globalists greed and big business, etc.

Lately my focus has also been on the millions of frustrated young people searching for decent jobs and perspectives, but being treated like scum by industry. Here the proportions and way too high for old world people to claim the youth to be simply lazy, “not good enough” or that they need to “try harder”. Industry wants pre-finished, experienced “top canditates” and is loath to the idea of investing in the young. If, then a job these days is time limited. It’s “high five”, smile but learn to walk over corpses. No, my boring old world “friends”, you are out of touch, are blind to the filth of (yes) your system! I also am not innocent.

What has gone wrong?

We truely have become slaves to a monsterous system or the Matrix. We have become ants pre-conditioned to “fit into the machine”, to accept the machine as it is, to believe that the machine is “good for us”, and we are to be good for it. We are to be “obidient” to its “law & order”, to be “good citizens”. We are only to raise questions on the system within the confines it sets for us (voting for rigged politicians), we are only allowed to petition (beg) those allocated “authority” to show mercy to our whims. They may or may not listen, the individual is lost and the group is fooled into thinking they have the power.

Human ants


We are caged and we don’t even know it. We are fooled to think that because the cages in other nations are bigger or “non democratic” that “we have it good”, that our nation is the “freest nation in the world”.

Should I laugh or weep?

Imagine if we all stopped voting. If we all stopped the lunacy of granting a power, which is not ours to grant, to someone we do not know, to rule by force over our neighbour. To tell our neighbour to do things, to accept things that we ourselves are too cowardly to command in person, but needing a system to do the dirty work, to push our mis-conceived interests.

If the people stopped believing in the illusion of “government” granted “authority” via voting, then these two evils would disappear.

Authority at its best

The rampant intercourse between “government” and elite industrial interests would cease. The ills facing the globe would start to fade.

Political front for greed

I hear loud cries of sceptical laughter from the Matix’s brain washed pupils. The “solution”, the “replacement”? Coming in Part 2

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