Free flowing rivers in China likey to totally disappear by 2020! Applauded by White House.

Here we have another example of the shallowness and manipuative nature of the globalist’s Matrix.

The Financial Times reported today that China’s 20% committed production of power from none fossil fuels  by 2020 will mean the end of its free flowing rivers. These are already a rarity. The decimation of fish varieties and of numerous spieces dependent on the rivers and arteries to be shut down, will continue and will be devestating.

The White House welcomed the committment as helping to make the Paris climate conference due in december a success.

What a farce and poor showing by a system that can only think in one dimension, namely to fulfill single goals (only just and manipulated goals at that) so that the rest of the system can roll on as usual in the interests of the elite controllers.

That the environment gets screwed while achieving these “environmental targets” is totally irrelevant for the greed powered system. 

Poor show Matrix!

Here is a short video on the topic and how as an example Tibet is being effected.

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