What 6 months of a change in eating did with my organism – a list of impacts

It was a bit of luck, the result of research (a lot), and a great natural approach MD that changed my organism in some crucial ways over 6 months.

How about a real life experiment (on myself) over 6 months (and counting) and the live results for everyone to read about?!

Recap – as advised I completely changed my eating plan as reported here:


AND, what has changed “within”? Here we go;

  1. Excess Spitt – this may seem “gross” but I have a lot less spit! Yes, for years I have had excess spit, i.e. had to often spit (not on streets, etc …). This was the case at home (discretely) and outside … Don’t we often see (mainly men) spitting all the time!. Now I know that this is very likely, like for sure, a strong sign that their gut flora is “out of wack”. Problem solved, 100% – my gut is calmer, and so am I. It took about 4 to 5 months to evolve.
  2. Headaches – I used to have these about once per week on average, more or less. A pill, then gone. Another sign that things are not right. We’ve all be brain washed via adds, etc that “it’s normal to have headaches”. IT IS NOT! After about 2 months, 100% gone!
  3. Hemorrhoid problems – had problems here for about 25 years. Always just received treatment of the symptoms. At many times a significant impact on the quality of life! After about 4 moths – 100% gone! A big ticket item!
  4. Stomach cramps – also had these at least every month, often more. They would literally wreck the day, and night. Now, same frequency but mild and for about 4 hours – trend, declining. After about 4 months and counting
  5. Frequency of toilet “big stuff” – again a little “gross” but a fact. For years I have always had the upper frequency level (3 times a day) of tollerable big stuff. Now, once per day. Again a sign that my gut was not in balance. It took about 5 months for this to correct. This will vary from person to person. My wife never had this but her gut was still out of balance … albeit not as much though as mine!
  6. Skin condition – in my case a minor point but none the less. Over the 6 months I have noticed an overall improved healthier skin. Even a 20 year old “wart” just literally dropped off. Seems that what we read about diat impacting skin is very true.

Note: my change in diat was, is, and will continue to be supported by a daily intake of probiotics!

I’ll update this post for new “experiences”.

Other things have improved due to regular sport and training (just at home). Also due to suppliments and natural elements. However the above are just diat related!

Only thing that bugs us, having to explain that we are not on a diat!

Change of eating, not just a diat

What a massive impact changing your eating can have!

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