Water fluoridization, a hidious act against human rights – short video

Zen Gardner has asked that this be spread – so here it is.

This stuff is banned from water supplies in about 90% of the EU – we’ve had enough of attempted mind control in Germany (yep, that guy Adolf ..) so it’s unthinkable here. But it is common in the US, apparently large parts of the UK, and (it hurts) in Australia.

It runs like this;

“I bestow upon thee (a politician I don’t know) the right (voting) to pass laws that will tell my neighbour (the populace) what he / she may not do or is to accept. My neighbour I will not ask if this is ok. My neighbour is to become a slave of the master I have created”

This is lunacy at its utmost.

In the case of fluoridization even those that “bestow” have usually not been asked. I explicitly know this from my family in Australia.

It is a breach of human rights and a demonic anti freedom crime. Big industry wants it, maybe control obsessed “government”wants it. It sucks!

Another example of our “friendly” Matrix working for our “own good”. How can whole populations be so apathetic? Hmm, maybe because of the water!

Nations of sheep

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