Health, Food, Earth Apocalypse – Who is to blaim? Well, also we!

I see;

  • 70% trash food in the supermarkets
  • people in the streets eating foods laced with anti-nature
  • poisoned waters of our oceans, rivers, water table
  • contaminated air
  • dying and de-forestated forests
  • radiation spreading from arrogance and disdain
  • exponential disease rates of “civilisation”
  • trade agreements to expand materialism, to epand the power of the few
  • bought government, bought agencies, a bought society
  • “cancer” of the system destroying freedom, destroying the individual
  • oppression of the minority for the “will” of the manipulated majority
  • orchestrated dumbing of the many for “milking” by the elite
  • neglect of the spirit, of the soul, neglect of the body’s temple
  • a matrix allowing, encouraging, evil’s spread
  • society degenerating itself yet blind to what path it is on
  • a brewing apocalypse, but none see it coming

Pope Francis hit the right tone in this extract from his last letter on the state of the earth;

“The violence present in our hearts is also reflected in the symptoms of sickness evident in the soil, in the water, in the air and in all forms of life,”

To blame the Matrix is correct but it can also be too abstract.

The matrix is us and we are it.

The matrix will continue to exist only if we allow it!

If we stop buying its foods, it will not profit from them and their devestation of the earth and our health. If we turn away from blind materialism the same will happen. If we stop accepting the concept of government and authority (the insane idea that others can bestow a right onto a few to rule with force and serve to the elite) then the mass control will end.

Wake up while there is still time!

Step out

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