Why we are slaves to the Matrix – #7 Our obsession with today, our illogical neglect of after’s eternity

Have you noticed how obsessed virtually all people are with the rush of “today”?

Rushing around, spinning from one task to another, running the ingrain routine day for day, week for week, year for year. We seem to be acting more and more like ants rather than humans.

Through this Matrix controlled “life” there is very little time taken to contemplate OUR vast eternity when we “move on” (physically die). Some of us “out source” this process to others (religious institutions, rituals, rules of routine, etc – nothing against these btw.). Wow, out sourcing something like that, hmmm.

Being someone who dealt heavily with numbers, investing, business, etc in my past “life” it has always amased me just how little (most) people occupy (or shall we say “invest”) themselves with the question:

“Do my actions, my state of heart / spirit or something like my “preperation” during my physical life have an impact on my eternity?”

No matter what your beliefs, religion, or none of these, no human can possibly be sure, “know”, what for certainty awaits us after we move on. I personally know for example via my own family real life experiences that apparitions exist (and this from very “down to earth” people). That there appear to be different “levels” of existence “out there”, but that it is also immpossible to grasp or understand these from our current physical “cage”. My belief goes a lot further, but it is not my business here to try to sway anyone.

Rather I’d like to put forward a thought.

IF there was an eternity for you in the afterlife, let’s say a 1% chance. And, if that experience of eternity could be influenced by your physical life, maybe your state of heart, your inter-action with others, your very own position or attitude to “what happens after”, etc, then would it not be sensible to give this matter some thought? In terms of logic, if there were the slightest chance that you are to have an eternity, no matter how minuscule, would it not be wise to at least take time to ponder the matter, to research it, to do “what one can” to let’s say “position” oneself?

Funny, it’s a contradiction to say “position” oneself for something one cannot for sure know! The point is however we are dealing with something truely beyond our imagination, eternity.

Maybe a way forward is to research the verious approaches and beliefs out there. To look and listen to what the “scholars” have to say. Maybe it is also not bad to open the mind and senses we have, to follow our internal instincts, or spirits as it were. Indeed a process of “self finding”.

Just imagine. We go through life just focusing on the physical environment we are in. Can also be nice. But our instinct may be telling us there is more. If we miss this one, even the slightest chance we may “get it wrong”, or we may miss a chance, could mean an eternity that is not so wonderful as it could or should be.

Eternity. That is the never ending forever! Our physcial life in comparison becomes a mere moment in time.

Even if you believe the chances of all of this to be near zero, just a fraction of a chance that you are wrong could have a infinate “investment” impact! Namely your very own personal eternity. Now that’s food for thought!

The Matrix not only can make us ill, it influences (now that’s an understatement) our lives, it even can kill. If you allow the Matrix to turn you into a robotic “living dead” it also impacts your very soul, so much so that it may even deal you an eternity you don’t want!

Might be worth contemplating! Beyond

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