Health Tip – #8 Colliadal Silver, a natural remedy, especially in times to come!!

Ever heard of “Colliadal Silver”?

Likely, actually very likely, not.

Silver, yes the precious metal, has been known for well over a hundred years to have strong antibacterial properties. People used to place a silver coin in their water supplies while crossing the prairies!  This would keep the water safe for longer periods of time.

These days there is a more sophisticated way to use the properties of silver to treat various ills. Basically there is a way to disolve silver into smaller than cell size particles  within pure distilled water (not from the supermarket). This solution can be used externally (cuts, wounds, etc), internally orally (for internal infections) and even by means of infusion (needing medical grade water) – this latter application I’d never do without MD support, etc.

Colliadial Silver (CS) had a boost of popularity in the 70’s and was unfortunately “abused”, i.e people took extreme concentrations in high volumes which resulted in the skin literally turning blue / grey (“argyria“) – on a permanant basis! Since then CS has a negative “twang” to its name. If you google it you’ll find this and a lot of “no studies”, “not effective”, etc. postings.

Here I note that there are medical / pharma interests at play who do not want CS to gain any foothold in society. None the less the Matrix contradicts itself in that it produces silver lined bandages and uses silver lined appliances in hospitals, etc because of the antibacterial properties.

We personally use CS to treat cuts, abrasions, etc and for internal infections. As an example my wife had problems with her leg (for years on and off). All the doctors were not able to solve the issue (all sorts of theories), one wanted to cut away (operate) the next day. We pondered if it could simply be an infection which was re-appearing periodically. We then tried CS along the thought line “can’t harm”. Within a few days the pain was gone. Since then so far so good.

Our vet even told us to use CS on our dog to rid her of an issue and help boost the immune system (yes CS has boosting qualities also). Our dog recoverd nicely.

We use concentrations of 25 ppm up to no more than 50 ppm (parts per million) and take about 40ml a day for a set limited period of time (say 10 to 14 days) for internal issues. We produce our own CS using a special CS “generator” (a catalynic generator), 2 pure silver rods suited to the generator, and purchased pure distilled water (not supermarket grade water as that can contain other impurities). If you are interested the generator can be easily bought (ours was about €129) and the water can be ordered also. I’ve included some photos to help your orientation.

C Silver generatorC Silver generator 2

CS can also be bought as a finished product. Always though from trusted sources.

Why is CS of interest “in times to come”?

We are facing a future of ever more antibiotic resistant bacteria. There are now these “super bugs” in the community (yes, no longer confined to hospitals) that are resistant to all known antibiotics. People are dying of these bugs, alone in Germany over 15000 hospital patients per year (from “official statistics” which are “tuned” anyway). With continued antibiotic abuse (in humans as well as in live stock, etc) more and more experts are now calling a future of widespread failure of antibiotics.

From my research bug resistence to CS is absolutely minimal, i.e. the problem with pharma antiboitics is not an issue. CS is also very kind to the human organism when taken / used as recommended and is well excreated by the body so that after about 2 days it’s all out.

Here I see a certain role for colliadal silver in the future, but why wait!?

If you are interested read up on the matter (a good book or two, as the internet is heavily “influenced”), form your own independent opinion, and remember that you can use it but in an informed manner. Consultation / co-ordination with your doctor is also recommended. Albeit he / she may just look at you and not know what to say!

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