Pesticide Glyphosate found in breast milk – serious levels & a serious issue

From our normally boring morning paper one article grabed my attention today. A report on page 2 that a spontaneous sample of breat milk from 16 mothers in Germany showed the pesticide Glyphosate in unacceptable  concentrations. 16 selected, all 16 contaminated!

Yep, Glyphosate (also known as “Roundup” and used globally on crops as well as in private gardens), the toxin produced by my vote for the most evil corporation in the world, Monsanto. A substance now reported by the WHO (world health organisation – which is also a slave to powerful Matrix interests) to be a likely carcinogenic substance for humans. That is, likely to cause cancers.

Now for the WHO to have reported this (not so long ago) DESPITE their being a puppet of global interests, must be truely serious. I guess they had little choice concerning the risk of future mega lawsuits if no warning had been issued.

Now, the EU has a curfew on the substance which is up for review. In theory the levels of this toxin however should at least be “insignificant”. Not so, despite the curfew. The milk contamination showed a range of 0.210 to 0.432 nanogram per milliliter. Acceptable levels for water are 0.1.

So this is screamingly outragious.

First of all I think it makes sense that any levels of this toxin are not acceptable, for anyone, period! Second, that serious contamination has shown up in a region which has the curfew and generally lower levels of use of the toxin than say in the US is a likely indication that food sources are truely spiked with the stuff.

What can this mean for other nations? Especially those where this stuff is still in big style use, e.g. the US (where it’s combined also on GMO crops)?

Monsanto contamination

I shudder to think!

So, millions of people are being contaminated with the pathogen. Also the unborn, and just born.

No wonder some 1 in 2 Americans and a minimum of 1 in 3 Europeans can expect cancer in their lifetimes!

My horror expectation. The rates of cancer (not to mention autoimmune and other ills) will rise as the full lifetime contaminated youth move up the age ladder.

Be aware. Fight and resist the use of any toxins in our environment. Fight big business interests who clearly put greed WAY above human life.

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