Health Tip – # 7 The inter-connectedness of our organism

“Hot off the press” after an experience yesterday.

A friend of the family (called “Max” for this post) & I were at our urologist yesterday. Max aged 24 has had a minimal case of urine release some 10 minutes after having being to the toilet. For a 24 year old rather unusual. He took my advice to check out my urologist as the MD is not your usual standard practitioner!

Here the background data:

  • for a number of years Max had had this problem
  • he also had a skin condition in that area for the same time
  • over the years one skin doctor after the next, creams after creams – often with cortisone (not good)
  • 2 other urologists also had no answer, they stated that this was “not their area”
  • the skin condition didn’t improve, at times actually got worse
  • also natural approaches (to heal from within) were tried (more or less, i.e young scepticism) with some improvement, but not significantly

Max mentioned to the previous MDs that he had had an operation some time back.

My urologist listened to Max, did a urine flow test, the ultrsound, etc. He then within the first examination found what was causing his primary problem (urine flow post toilet) AND solved his skin issue.

During the operation in the past they inserted a catheter (fairly standard procedure). This had damaged Max’s urinary tubing so that some drops of urine would always appear after the toilet. Now these drops had also caused his skin condition in the area.

Now Max had started to be super hygenic and particular about the area over the last few months. At the same time the skin condition disappeared! By chance we all thought!

He was amased and happy that the cause to two problems had been found. But we were also dismayed and angered that a number of skin MDs and urologists didn’t connect the dots and come up with what turns out to have been a simple and very logical cause. The skin condition was “complex” to be fought with all sorts of complex creams, etc. The whole saga not only cost time and frustration, it also cost a good bit of cash.

Another examply of tunnel thinking, one approach for all, and, the patient is “dumb”.

tunnel vision

Another case of system FAIL!

Btw. I’m not negative on MDs, etc. They do great work, save lives, etc. BUT I am negative on our very non holistic med. system and its extreme tunnel vision approach to many issues.

We need to inform ourselves, become empowered by own research and know-how. Only so can we take charge for OUR health and despite the Matrix (hopefully) find the few experts out there who can really help.

The Matrix Auditor

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