GMO “Wiffy Wheat” fails in UK

Now get this!

Just got this from the Financial Times today. A genetically modified wheat crop being tested in the UK which produces its own smell (“EBF that scares off aphids and attracts their natural enemies such as predatory wasps”) has failed.

I knew there are GMO plants that produce their own pesticides, but also smells or scents? Wow, talk about “Franken plants” and “Franken science”! The reported hope was to reduce the need for pesticides. On face value something positive. Hmm. Well, the failure is great for pesticides big business 😉

Wait a minute, was this planned? Just a ploy in big business’ game?

Those responsible noted that apparently lab and field conditions vary. Being unapologetic they said they will continue ….. more Franken science to come!

But seriously, I will not eat anything that is “engineered” by people in labs to squirt smells. Who knows what else it’ll do in our organisms!

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