Why we are slaves to the Matrix – #6 Loosing our “us” and becoming “it”

The Matrix we live in;

  • government
  • authority
  • powerful interests steering us (subtley through many bought-out and influenced channels)
  • the whole complex driving our survival, life cycles, daily, monthly and yearly routines

determines more than we think what we do, when, how, in what manner. IT impacts and steers our very us. Physically (job, family, food, shelter, health, …) yes, but also our minds (what and how we think), and for many even our souls (what we believe and how).

Maybe it’s no surprise that the “meaning of life” (the question of questions) is searched for with such great frustration by so many. The “meaning” is never really found by the huge majority! What then? Hmm, leave it, park it for a later time point, never to be looked at again. Except maybe before death, if there’s time.

The Matrix is infusing itself into our very “us”, we are it, and it is us? 

The Matrix

Maybe not fully, YET!

No wonder so many are so resigned to the cycle of birth (“why me”?), the grind of survival (look in the streets of our cities, see the “living dead”), the hope for health and then the shock at illness, the wish for tranquility at retirement, a broken dream for so many, and, then death, with those looking on silently asking “is this really life”.

Living Dead

Now, not so “gloom and doom” here! We have love. Family, friends, our creator. The very inner nature of the human longing for love. These the Matrix has not yet taken from us.

Have we created a system that will drain our “us” and replace our very being with “it”? I fear this is what it wants.

How did “it” get this far? How could we have allowed this?

Break free within. Call for a community of a free “us” where we may re-discover the true inner human soul of love and care. Where the fear of threat is gone, so that the percieved need for protection (authority) melts, and the whole embedded belief of the need for “government” may fall away.

The system is us and we it


Our system is basically the result of powerful interests which have evolved over the centuries to maintain, grow, and become more substantial in geography and depth. These interests are largely those with great wealth (I mean significant wealth) who use, build, influence and seek political institutions and systems who will serve their cause. Basically, use the political system to keep the populace “in place” and not rioting.

Certain groups of powerful interests have done better than others. We can see this across the different geographies. In a number of nations the populace is seen to be largely “happy” and as accepting their overall position. This is largely so in the so-called democracies. These populations accept government and authority. In fact they praise government and authority, unconsciously like a religion. In other nations the population may also do the same (more or less) but often have less  choice.

However, everywhere the people are driven by the systems. Not the opposite. But we have been fooled that we are in control.

Do we in the so-called democracies have a choice? I mean concerning the very existence of a government and authority?

In reality, not. Not as long as we accept that another person can determine over us!

Think about this.  Try “The Most Dangerous Superstition” by Larken Rose (a great eye opener!).

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