Why we are slaves to the Matrix – #4 Swine flu scandal

There was one event that shocked me, and will never be forgotten.

A classic example of just how “normal” and “matter of course” the elite place themselves above the “rest”. A scandal (well for me and others I know), and it took place in Germany at the outbreak of the Swine flu (around 2009).

What exactly?

There was a race, almost panic actually, to produce a vaccine against the flu. The vaccine was produced. The demand from the near panicing population was way above the volumes that could be produced. There were 2 types of vaccine, a pure version without preservation additives (slower to produce and needing cooling), and a faster version containing preservative additives. Yep, you guessed it, the cheaper faster version contained toxic elements (mercury additives for the conservation and to “spike” the immune system to react, as well as aluminium additives – these in the form of metal salts and as nano particles – yep you read right!). A reference here (unfortunately in German http://www.chemtrails-info.de/schweinegrippe/aluminium.htm). Mercury and aluminium, both toxic and a real issue for our organisims!

It was decided by the politicians, that the politicians, be immunised first. Well, ok we could think, I mean if they fall out then the nation will collapse – won’t it ;-). But, it was decided by them (all parties agreeing of course) they THEY receive the non toxic version. 

It was also decided that the broard public be supplied only with the cheaper & toxic version. Pregnant women (yep give’em some toxins) and exposed elderly 1st, the rest later as the volumes became available.

The government will take care of YOU

Now, that’s disgusting.

I didn’t know anything about the risks of common vaccines nor that there are different types (for different perple), but when this came out I was shocked and lost a huge portion of respect for the “government” and its “honourable members”.

Our ex MD recommeded we don’t take the shot. He simply said it could do more harm than good! Well, at least here the mainstream med. did the right thing.

The Matrix (those controling it) looks after itself, draws what it wants from the “rest” and is prepared to inflict mass damage on us. All in the name of cowardly personal & industrial interest.

Sad. Be aware!

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