Health Tip – #6 The Holistic approach to health

Before I continue with heaps of tips on health, some of which most of you will likely never have heard of, I’d like to go back the foundation.

Why a holistic approach to health?

Reason #1: Because we were seriously disappointed by the symptom based approach largely practiced in main stream medicine. We continuously hear this from literally everyone we meet!

Reason #2: Because we have been healed and are significantly healthier after experiencing the holistic medical approach

There have been months of intensive research and consultation with our “dual world” (natural medicine combined with the best in classic & diagnostic technologies) MDs. I and our family have personally experienced treatments so that I can report in a knowing manner. Based on the huge eye opening experiences we have turned to the holistic approach to healing & staying healthy.

The holistic approach takes our health as ONE. If we are ill in any manner, are always subject to infections and attacks, if we are down, have no drive, etc, this approach put simply says that our organisms are damaged or better said, out of balance. When we are deficient for example in;

  • key minerals, vitamines, proteins, …
  • have immune system problems (e.g. low T / K cell counts, …)
  • have rouge cell counts (damaged cells – cancerous) that are above normal ranges
  • have process issues at the cellular level
  • have symptoms like colds and infections that won’t go away (or way too slow)
  • frequent headaches let alone migranes
  • have serious problems like autoimmune deceases
  • heart & artery issues
  • and the list can go on,

then you can be sure that our organisms are out of balance.

What does this mean?

  • deficiencies in the intake of essentials from food (this is a big one given the poor nutritional processed stuff that we have been brain washed to eat … not to mention toxins, GMO’s etc..)
  • issues in the way we eat (preparation, timing, mix, etc)
  • things attacking us from the outside (environmental pollution in air, water, food, radiation, excess frequencies, etc)
  • when our bodies are not treated with the physical exercise needed (again our modern life styles can reek havoc here)
  • when our minds are overly stressed, wrought with sadness, and overloaded with negative fears and anxieties
  • when our souls are aimless, not at peace, not calm, maybe even “dead”

I personally believe that if we actively treat our body, mind, and soul we can live a lovely healthy life into high age.

Easy? What is to be done? The “SOLUTION”?

Hmmm. Here is my experience:

  1. change in the way of eating, see my past post >
  2. work on freeing the mind. Often problems stem from work, like that trapped feeling, or from the private field, etc. DO NOT let the causes of your problems continue without being worked on. If need be radical changes may be needed to end damaging situations. Better to take some short term pain rather than let negative stresses destroy you from within over the years, to the point where you fall finally down (cancer, autoimmune ills, stroke, etc….). I personally had a so called “burn-out” and decided to give up a career & position I had worked on for 3 decades. Pain, YES, now – never looked back!
  3. mind & soul are somehow (for me) linked. I personally had resolved 1 & 2 but my spirit as it were was not at peace. I searched for a way to meditate or come to outer physical peace. Now, this will be different for all of you. Different religions, no religions, different views on spiritual levels, etc. In my case I searched for a way to “meditate” going into but also beyond nirvana. I found this by searching. The result a book called “The Cloud of Unknowing”. For me a beautiful book which has brought peace, calm, and perspective. I am convinced that there is a path for each person out there.

A path for everyone

Doesn’t is make sense that if any of the body, mind, soul factors above are out of balance, damaged, that health will also be damaged? That if we find the balance needed, fix it, health can be rejuvenated? I think so!

I wish health, happiness and love for all of you.

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